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Why Handmade Soaps?

Soaps are daily essentials that keep germs and dirt away. Ever had the feeling of not being able to wash you hands with soap before lunch? or when you just covered your hands with dirt doing chores? >_< We know we can't live without soaps!

What sets handmade soaps in a league of its own in the soap industry? There are several reasons, out of which the top two are:

1. Ingredients - the basic ingredients are oils and lye solution, which combine to form a neutral product called soap. There are no sulphates added, no parabens, no carcinogenic ingredients, no harmful artificial scents nor any other chemicals whose names take forever to pronounce or remember (Ever wonder why some soaps cause irritation to your skin?).

2. Glycerine - In commercial soap making process, the actual product is the glycerine (the moisturising part), while the by-product is the soap (after the glycerine has been extracted for use as base for other products like moisturisers). Handmade soap retains 100% of the glycerine, making it infinitely more preferable for our skin, especially during the cold seasons.

These two reasons alone set handmade soaps in the big leagues. Further, handmade soaps can be infused with high quality aromatherapy essential oils, which have therapeutic properties of their own. You just need to try one for yourself, and you'll fall in love with them.

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