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The Countless Benefits of Shea Butter Soaps

The benefits of shea butter are truly uncountable- be it moisturizing your pores or providing natural protection against UV radiations- there are several reasons why shea butter makes the perfect ingredient in handmade natural soap.

At Touch Nature, we offer you handmade soaps free from synthetic materials, sulfates, paraben, and animal fats. Our shea butter soaps are prepared with essential geranium oils with healing and therapeutic properties. While the shea butter is rich in Vitamin A (restorative) and Vitamin E (antioxidant), the geranium oil, with its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, enhances the overall complexion and ensures a brighter looking skin.

Our handmade soaps are available in small batches and retain the natural glycerin within them, thus preventing dry or chapped skin.

Gifting a bar of butter soap is especially meaningful during the cold winter months.

Are you looking for natural handmade shea butter soap near you? Chat with us to know more about our soap and its availability.

You can also try our cocoa butter and mango butter soaps for natural alternatives to commercially produced ones.

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