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Candles for Aromatherapy

Updated: Apr 5

An aromatherapy candle lit up underneath a tree.

Aroma or smell helps to uplift the mood. Think of a stressful day back from hectic work and the lovely aroma of a candle infused with essential oils wafts in the air as you are at your door-step. As you inhale the pleasant aroma drifting in the air, the essential oils are absorbed into your blood stream which works wonders in calming us. And lo! You are relaxed. Isn’t that great?

Aroma or scent conjures up an altogether different feel. Aromatherapy is a healing which helps soothe the mind and body using aromatic essential oils. It is known to help those who have trouble with sleep or are suffering from anxiety and depression.

Essential oils made from plant extracts are basically highly concentrated liquids which have the natural smell and flavor of the plant extracted from. Since times immemorial essential oils are used as cleansing and beauty product. However, it is also used in the practice of aromatherapy and is known to have good healing benefits.

Now essential oils come in various types like peppermint, citronella and lavender. Scents like lavender creates a feeling of calmness which makes it a wonderful therapeutic balm.

Fragrance does elevate one’s mood and creates a good ambience which would make anyone happy and want to stay longer at your place. Our aromatherapy candles are made using pure essential oils which casts its magic effect to soothen our nerves and help relax.

We offer a wide variety of aroma therapeutic candles and soaps that cater to your varied tastes and needs. Feel free to browse our website or write to us for questions.

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