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Wax Air Freshener for Christmas Decoration

Updated: Apr 5

Another fun Christmas gift to buy your loved ones would be our lovely soy wax air fresheners.

They are made of soy wax and hence retain the scent longer and do not break easily. As you all know, soy wax is an eco-friendly wax that is a better alternative to its paraffin counterpart. When kept in closed spaces, one wax freshener can easily last a month.

Touch Nature’s Wax Air Fresheners are twined with a jute string, and they make lovely Christmas tree decorations. Not only does it fill your room with a wonderful fragrance, packed with the goodness of essential oils, it’s heart shape also brings a homely feel of love and good cheer to its beholder.

Available in an assortment of colors, our wax fresheners come in two designs, a single big heart or a double mini heart.

They make fun accessories for your handbags, suitcases, closets, and cars too. Why wait longer? Go to our following links and order now. Limited stock is available.

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