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In 1996, Josephine Tan left everything behind in Singapore and moved to Nepal. There she was deeply moved by the plights of many single Nepalese mothers around her who were struggling to make ends meet — something had to be done. 

So Rainbow Craft was born, a sewing business that granted single mothers a stable income and a safe refuge for their children. After learning the craft of making soaps under the guidance of a soap making master, she decided to start a handmade soap business as well.

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But due to unforeseen events, she moved to Kolkata in 2012, home to one of Asia’s largest red light districts. She began to take in women from these areas and give them opportunities in dignified labour. 

Over the years, she has forged very close relationships with these ladies who affectionately call her "Jo Auntie". She intentionally invests in their lives, breaking all conventions of the usual boss-worker dynamic.

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Today, the business continues to thrive under the loving supervision of Josephine and her husband, Raj. Faithfully caring for their staff and the people in their district, Touch Nature upholds their vision of being a light in the darkness around them.

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