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Touch Nature soaps are nature's alternative to commercially produced ones. We stay free from potentially harmful synthetic perfumes and chemical ingredients. Our soaps are made free of sulphates (SLS, SLES), chemical colours, synthetic perfumes and animal fats. Instead, we use natural essential oils and pure vegetable oils: sunflower oil that's rich in skin-nourishing vitamin E and coconut oil to create the soft, luxurious lather. The basic composition of all our handmade soaps are the same. They are made through the Cold-process, which has the advantage of a gradual, more natural chemical reaction, thereby giving us a more nourishing, skin-compatible and skin friendly soap.


The primary benefit of our handmade process is that it retains all the natural glycerine within the soap. Glycerine has intrinsically skin-softening properties. It naturally creates a breathable layer on the skin that attracts moisture. It's thus valuable as it prevents dryness and skin from cracking. They also have special ingredients added like goat milk, essential oils, henna etc, giving the user the luxury of a spa like experience in their own homes. 


 These are perfect for wedding favors, corporate gifts and as bar soaps in boutique hotels.

Each soap is made with love and dignity - Love for our customers because we made the soaps with precision in formulating and measuring quality ingredients. 
Love for our ladies who made them because we want to provide them with a future and hope. 

​Apart from e-commerce channels, we also sell our products all over the world. For more information, kindly email

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