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The massage oil blend contains a base of cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, jojoba, and sweet almond oil. This blend works by stimulating the skin, muscles, and tissues, improving blood circulation, relaxing muscles, and nourishing the skin. The base oils and essential oils used have medicinal properties that penetrate deep into the tissues, offering a wide range of benefits. Our massage oils are infused with a therapeutic blend of essential oils like lavender, orange, and eucalyptus. The product comes in a handmade box, making it perfect for gifting on special occasions such as birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, anniversaries, and weddings. The elegant gift box adds to the appeal of the product.

Each product is made with love and dignity - Love for our customers because we made the soaps with precision in formulating and measuring quality ingredients. 
Love for our ladies who made them because we want to provide them with a future and hope. 

​Apart from e-commerce channels, we also ship our products all over the world. For more information, kindly email

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