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Butterflies - 3 Lessons to be learnt from the cocoon

The lifecycle of a butterfly has innumerable lessons to teach and yet perhaps the most priceless one can be learnt from the cocoon of anonymity.


Lesson 1 - Self Annihilating, Selfless Service

The cocoon spells self destruction, annihilating one’s former self to transform into one of the most admired creations. However, the experiences within the cocoon remain invisible to the human eyes. The aesthetic treasures at our Touch Nature are the results of countless hours of manual devotion and commitment of anonymous women, solely motivated by selfless service to our precious consumers.

Lesson 2 - Multiple customised products, Single pervasive vision

Our 100% natural products, come in all shapes and sizes-customised as per the consumer’s needs- just like the diverse butterflies. Our diverse products are inspired by a single, pervasive vision- to serve. This vision of our women at work can be truly compared to the vision of a butterfly, powerful enough to perceive even the UV rays! Each and every product is planned and prepared with such diligence and deliberate concern for the intended consumer providing an all-round, enriching and unadulterated experience that leaves them coming back for more.

Lesson 3 - Awe-inspiring Transformation, Retrieving beauty from ashes.

Unknown and unseen, our women at work -the cocoons of anonymity, transform their worst fears into these priceless expressions of liberation. The aesthetic products, that break through as beautiful butterflies from their cocoons, are always ready to awe the world. This Transformation is breathtaking, but the preceding Anonymity is irreplaceable.

These lessons learnt in the cocoon of anonymity echo through the world as our butterflies(products) make their way, from flower to flower, from home to home - inspiring countless souls.

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