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Bina and her friends

Bina is a thoughtful and kind hearted lady. She is also a diligent and fast worker. As the only daughter in her family, Bina’s mother loved her very much and taught her to work with her hands from a young age. After her father passed away, Bina’s family was despised for being poor. Despite strong objections from her brothers, Bina started to work in Kathmandu in a carpet factory. But one day, her supervisor and his wife suggested she and 3 other co-workers go to India to work in the carpet factory there. Since 4 of them were going together, she felt quite comfortable.


However when Bina arrived in India, she was locked up in a room for several days and then made to dress in clothes that she would never have worn. It was the beginning of her nightmare of slavery. When she refused to obey, she was threatened with physical assault.


“I felt like I was held in the palm of the wicked ones and I could not escape from their clutches. After I came to know Jesus, I wanted to lead a life that is pleasing to Him but I could not because I had no means of escape and survival. Though I went to church every Sunday, I also continued in the trade. I prayed earnestly to God to help me to be freed from the clutches of my captors. For 3 years, I kept praying. On 14 May 2012, through the recommendation of a friend, I became the first staff with Touch Nature. I am very thankful to the God for setting me free. Now, I am able to live a life that honors God. I want to forget my past and focus on the future, to lead a life like a normal person.  Here in Touch Nature, we are like family I am learning so many thing specially soaps and candle making like pure vanilla sea splash."

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