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Jasmine longed to escape

Jasmine grew up in a very poor village in West Bengal, and her family struggled to make ends meet living off her father's income as a fisherman. Her father was an alcoholic and was abusive to his family members. At 13, Jasmine followed someone from her village to the red light district in Kolkata at the promise of a good job with better income. People from her village looked down on her for being a part of the flesh trade. For 4 years, Jasmine longed to escape the flesh trade, and her prayers were answered when there was a police raid. 

Jasmine came to hear about Touch Nature when her friend who used to reside in the same girls' home recommended her to Auntie Jo, the founder of Touch Nature. Once coming to Touch Nature, Jasmine's life completely turned around. She battled with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from her painful past, but found relief from the nurturing and loving community in Touch Nature. She could also now afford medication to treat her mental health needs.

Moreover, with her income, she was able to send money back to her family and provide for her family's immediate needs, such as food, clothing and much-needed repair work for her house. The shame of working in the flesh trade was replaced with newfound dignity and pride in the work at Touch Nature she learn how to make Spa products. Above all, Jasmine found the love and friendship of God. 

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