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Shantis life is filled with new-found meaning and joy. 

As her mother was part of the flesh trade, Shanti grew up in a red-light district in Kolkata. Her father was not present in her life. At her previous workplace, her colleagues were only ever interested in her money and did not show any care or concern for her well-being, not even in dark times when she was particularly down. Her friends often mocked her and told her that her life would amount to nothing because she was destined to follow in her mother's footsteps in the flesh trade. She also failed her Class 11 examinations. Demoralised, Shanti spent much of her time loitering around the streets, 

One day, her childhood friend who was already working at Touch Nature suggested that she try working there. Shanti was extremely grateful to be offered a job there despite failing Class 11. Upon joining Touch Nature, Shanti felt like she found a new family. She was able to share about her woes with the other ladies, and she appreciated that they carried her burdens with her. Her sadness from a lack of a father's love was replaced with joy from being a part of the loving family in Touch Nature. Now, Shanti's life is filled with new-found meaning and joy. 

"Touch Nature has transformed me from a caterpillar to a butterfly... [It] has given me light, new life, and happiness." I have learn so many things specially Spa products.

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