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Hope of Christmas Cheer

Christmas is around the corner. The year 2020 has been a hard year for many people. Many have lost their loved ones due to Covid 19. Even Touch Nature has lost our dear partner Smita Singh, founder of Mahima Homes, a home that provides shelter to girls who have been oppressed and trafficked. The sad news of her demise came at the beginning of India lockdown and that truly came in as a shock.

We hope that many of you have overcome the difficult times and are now looking forward to a cheery Christmas. This year of celebrating Christmas will be different from the rest of the years. Many might choose to celebrate Christmas in smaller groups or virtually.

However, one thing we will not forget or compromise is to buy a meaningful gift for our loved ones, to thank and encourage them. A meaningful gift does not have to be costly. It can be a gift that comes from your heart.

Of course, this year a bar of handmade soap can be a truly meaningful gift because it has the natural ability to keep viruses away. Touch Nature cold-pressed soaps are made of natural vegetable oils, herbs, and essential oils. They protect your family naturally and not with harmful chemicals. These bar soaps also come in beautiful gift sets. For the liquid soap users, we also have the natural Castile liquid soaps.

Along with our natural handmade soaps, we also have premium natural soy wax candles in earthen clay cups and rustic glass jars. The warm light from these candles is symbolic of the warmth and love that we all crave, especially during the cold winter months.

We believe that a gift given with all our heart holds such depths of meaning as they come from our very souls. We hope that even amidst all the depressing news that we hear daily, Touch Nature can play a small part in bringing a smile to your dear one’s faces and cheer up their spirits.


Touch Nature Family

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