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Coconut - A Sturdy Softness - A Tough Tenderness

Tough and sturdy as it may seem outside, the inside of a coconut is tender and soft, the milky whiteness representing a purity that has been untainted by the harshness of the world.

How beautifully do these coconuts symbolize our women at work - who toughened by their life situations, have ever loving, sensitive hearts, seeking love and appreciation-which in fact is every human’s heart cry.

With a somewhat steeled mindset developed in defense to the injustices faced, the soul remains pure and impeccable, with an originality that cannot be externally erased.

Truly they are a unique combination of sturdy softness, characterized by a tough tenderness.

Who could have known that we could identify the coconut oil, extracted from the kernel of coconuts, with our beautiful women at Touch Nature? Just like the oil is pure, the works of their hands are also pure. This fruit, like our women, is truly a blessing from above.

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