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Our Roll-On Hair Oil comprising 100% Pure Almond Oil with Rosemary Essential Oil is specially tailored to reduce hair fall and promote hair growth. Packed with vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, omega 6 and fatty acids Almond Oil has all the ingredients to nourish hair promote hair growth. Almond Oil penetrates the scalp and hair easily and enriches the hair follicles with nutrients. The hair being well nourished strengthens hair roots and thereby this leads to reduced hair fall and increased hair growth. Rosemary essential oil possesses antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which nourishes and keep scalp healthy. It improves blood circulation, strengthens weakened roots and hair follicles thereby increasing hair growth. Regular use of the Roll- On Hair Oil yields results in the form of stronger hair and lesser dandruff. 

Gently massage the roll-on hair oil on your scalp after your hair dries post shampooing. You can dab a bit on the ends of your hair to keep it moisturized. 

Roll-On Hair Oil – Anti Hair fall

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