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This handmade soap is made with rich butters and pure vegetable oils such as coconut oil to create a soft, luxurious lather.


MANGO BUTTER - Apart from improving skin health, mango butter has great wound healing properties. Due to its high concentration of flavonoids and tannins, mango butter has the potential to boost immune function and help prevent illnesses and infection.


FRUIT PARADISE - This soap is scented with Fruit Paradise scent, a lovely and energetic fragrance which will uplift one's mood.


Benefits of Butter Soap – Mango Butter with Fruit Paradise Essence -


  • Nourishes and hydrates the skin

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Gently cleanses and refreshes the skin

  • Leaves the skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated.

Handmade Butter Bar Soap - Mango Butter with Fruit Paradise Essence (100g)

  • Place all items away from direct sunlight. 

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