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TOUCH NATURE TIN CANDLES are HAND POURED - Lovingly in micro-batches of 4 to ensure high quality! The Eden Garden scent infused in the candle makes it the most soothing and beautiful decor for your home. The floral arrangement is made of wax, poured meticulously to give you an exquisite garden display on top.
It is a must for any outdoor evening and is perfect for enhancing the ambiance around gardens, patios, and tables while emitting a gorgeous  aroma.  

The tin jar can be reused after the candle is over.

Instruction - Burn for at least one hour or until a layer of wax has melted on the surface before blowing it off to prevent concentric circles forming and to get that smooth finish. Repeat this pattern every time you burn. This ensures you get maximum burn time for your money spent.

Decorative Soy Wax Tin Candle - Eden Garden (120gm)

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