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Mother’s Day Special Gift Guide- For Our Superwoman

we love you mom

Mom, we love you !

Where will we be without our mothers? Sure enough we respect, obey and honour them throughout the year but Mother’s day is the day to make it all count.

It’s the perfect occasion to show her how cherished she is and only a perfect gift, found after somewhat daunting efforts, can guarantee that heart melting smile on her precious face.

So to help with the gift hunt, here is a short list of 6 things that you can get for her to make the eagerly anticipated Mother’s day, more than just a day, but a memory cherished forever. Not only are these potential gifts endearing, but so is the story of the hands that created them. All the below mentioned fair trade freedom businesses exist for the thousands of women vulnerable to sex trafficking in West Bengal. These businesses aim at providing you such colourful and priceless products as are the tangible form of the intangible stories and emotions of those tireless and courageous hands, hands that have joined together to build a new life of freedom and hope.

1.       Jewellery!


How graced would those elegantly designed and gorgeously fashioned trinkets be as they lovingly adore your awe-inspiring Mom!!! No matter the age, women love them. 

Earrings, rings, necklaces or pendants, you name the occasion and you can find all those eagerly awaiting darlings, specially crafted for you at Ruhamah Designs. Whats more, they are reasonably priced for you!

2.       Ethnic Bags


Traditional? Yes. Out fashioned? No!!!

100% hand stitched, with every piece attached with utmost love and patience, gift her bags that bring out her innermost attributes. Explore your numerous options at Freeset. Treat her with anything ranging from embroidered pouches to organic canvas bags, all eco friendly products under the same roof.

3.       Aromatherapy Soaps


Aromatherapy is scientifically proven to be one of the most effective stress relievers as it soothes and relaxes our work worn bodies. Having to deal with a lot of multi-tasking throughout the day, she will definitely want some rest. 

Shop from a wide variety of handmade aromatherapy soaps at Touch Nature and gift your Mom with the most moisturizing and environment friendly soaps, made without any chemical additives. The soaps at Touch Nature are 100 % handmade, prepared with only pure essential oils which have unique properties.

4.       Aromatherapy Candles

Light up those soy wax and beeswax candles to create an ambience of soothe and calm that leaves her craving for more.

Gift your environmentally conscious Mom with these beautiful candles and see her face light up as she smells in the unbeatable fragrance.

5.       Quilt

Made from old stitched saris, these recycled saris are re-imagined and hand-stitched in the kantha style. The colourful and warmth imparting quilts from Sari Bari will be your perfect companion for a cold rainy day.  

6.       Vegetable tanned leather Goods

Free from all harmful chemicals including the ones usually used in vegetable tanning, The Loyal Workshop crafts the most eco-friendly leather goods that are hand-stitched from start to finish, super thick, hardy and designed to last.

So, how would you be joining in to make this Mother’s Day, a Day by the Women for the Superwomen in our lives?

If you liked the article, share as much as you can before Mother’s day arrive.  Thank You!!!

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