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Our History

Touch Nature was originally set up in Nepal in 2001, employing primarily single mothers as well as providing a crèche and childcare facility for their children. However, due to the political situation in Nepal and some unavoidable circumstances, we relocated to Kolkata, India. 

With Kolkata housing one of Asia’s largest red light districts, we decided that our skills and experiences could best be put to use by helping the struggling women in Kolkata. Hence, in 2012, Touch Nature India was born. 

Josephine Tan, the founder of Touch Nature, first fell in love with handmade soaps back in the year 2000. At that time, she had no idea about handmade soaps and was helping a group of single mothers who were in need of jobs with a sewing project. The group of ladies sewed handicraft items and Josephine helped them to sell, in order that they are able to earn enough money for supporting their children.

Josephine was not keen at all when a man name Joe came to visit their workshop from the States and immediately suggested that she should try to make handmade soaps. However, he told her that his wife was running a handmade soap company called Jojo Blessing and that perhaps after learning to make soaps, she would be able to provide more jobs for the needy single mothers. 

With many single mothers being unable to sew, Josephine decided to give soap making a try and was surprised when it turned out to be more successful than sewing. The process of making soaps enabled her to employ and help more single mothers. Higher employment meant higher number of lives saved, and that was exactly what Josephine did.

Today, Touch Nature company not only provides employment to struggling women, but also brings "Light Into The Darkness" through their spa soaps, candles and love.

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