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Touch Nature receives volunteers frequently from different parts of the world. In this article we will glimpse into the life of Carmen Cheung.

Introduce yourself!

My name is Carmen Cheung, I'm from Hong Kong. I have already spent a month in India. I came here to learn more about life in India and what it is like to work for a social enterprise.


How did you come to know about Touch Nature?

I was introduced to the organisation by a social worker in my church who is also based in Kolkata.


How do you feel about Kolkata?

I can't say I love India yet, because I had quite a bit of a cultural shock when I first arrived. Life here is totally different from back home.

What did you do in Touch Nature as a volunteer?

Well, I learnt how to make soap like sea splash, goat milk, and helped with some packing. I studied event management, so Josephine wanted me to organise some team-building activities with the staff to boost their team spirit. We had a fun time bonding!

Josephine and Raj, the owners of Touch Nature, also run a home for children at risk of being trafficked. I go there every day to get to know the girls, and to serve them by giving some of them tuition and playing games together.


What did you learn in your month here?

That life can be simple. There isn't much entertainment here compared to Hong Kong, but that has helped me to look for contentment in the small things. I am also so inspired by the resilience of the women. Before Touch Nature, they must have felt hopeless about their situation. It is not easy to let go of one's past and start anew, some of them with children to support.  But by God's grace now that their lives have changed, I am impressed by their toughness. 

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