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Social Work /CSR

Touch Nature believes in Corporate Social Responsibility and we encourages our staff to participate as well. We believe in giving and helping the less fortunate. We believe the more we give, the happier we are.  The more we share, it makes our existence more meaningful. 

Preparing Christmas packages

Christmas is a time of giving. In Kolkata, there is a habit of giving Christmas cakes to each other. After Touch Nature has finished fulfilling all the Christmas orders. We decided that we should distribute cakes and blankets to the poor and needy.  Our staff quickly sprung into action. They helped to pack more than 450 Christmas cakes. 

Blanket Distribution and a Free Meal

About 450 blankets were distributed. Winter can get quite unbearable in Kolkata especially to the poor and homeless. We have also provided a meal for about 100 people in Khalighat. 

social work
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