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There is a lot of goodness that nature can offer. God has created trees, plants and flowers that have healing, therapeutic, and cleansing properties. One such tree is the Melaleuca Alternifolia found in Australia, commonly known as Tea Tree. Its oil has been used as a traditional medicine by the native Australians.

It contains a number of compounds including Terpinen-4-ol which kills certain bacteria, viruses and fungi. It also increases the activity of white blood cells which help fight germs and other foreign invaders. This makes it the ideal essential oil for killing off germs in your hands.


Other essential oils that are good at fighting germs are Lavender, Geranium and Lemongrass, 


Touch Nature uses these essential oils while making our soaps. They are 100% natural handmade soaps that are vegetable oil based. This means that they do not contain any chemical and animal fat/tallow. They are also good at moisturizing your skin and can be dissolved to the very last drop making it 100% bio-degradable.


Currently, we recommend our Tea Tree handmade soap as it not only contains Tea Tree Essential Oil, it also contains Henna as a coloring agent as well. Adding Henna improves the ability of the soap to fight of germs.

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Touch Nature is a freedom business based in India that shows women a way out with employment opportunities through our natural soaps and candles. We hope to make our business sustainable by  giving customers what they need - a product that is organic, eco-friendly and unique.  

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The Best Spa Soap that you will fall in love with. 

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As the only daughter, Bina’s mother loved her very much. After her father passed away, Bina’s family was despised for being poor. Bina started to work in Kathmandu in a carpet factory despite strong objections. One day, her supervisor and his wife suggested ...

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As her mother was part of the flesh trade, Shanti's father was not present in her life. At her previous workplace, her colleagues were only ever interested in her money and did not show any care or concern for her well-being, not even in dark times when she was particularly down. Her friends often ...

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Jasmine grew up in a very poor village, and her family struggled to make ends meet living off her father's income as a fisherman. Her father was an alcoholic and was abusive to his family members. At 13, Jasmine followed someone from her village ...

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Goat Milk Soap

" Its a great product, good on the skin with a mild fragrance "

By Sri on 23 October 2018


Our manufacturing process is GMP certified under Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India. This means our manufacturing process follow WHO guidelines on which Indian GMP is based.

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