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Artstation \u2013 Rocky Landscapes in Blender

Artstation – Rocky Landscapes in Blender

【Tool Tips】 • Get free Blender tutorials here: • Get free Eevee tutorials here: • Starring Brandon Jones | The Old Man Game • Learn to sculpt! • Learn to Paint! • New Tutorial: How to paint realistic landscapes for games: All content used has been approved by the respective copyright holders. Copyright 2016, Brandon Jones Work and play by the rules. Break them and you get hurt. Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Learn more about the art of animation in my video on Facebook: published: 14 Apr 2020 Creating Realistic Scenery for Video Games, Part 2 - Time Stamps ★Subscribe: ✏️Every day we create a bunch of random content. With that being said, it is said that news posts are the most engagement driven. That means if we create an awesome content, it will attract the attention of the viewers. In this video, we'll introduce you to my friends in Colorado and Washington, Tom and Mark. They have used a cannabis strain called The OG Kush to create an edible oil. It's an oil called CBD-cannabis-broccoli oil. They've dubbed it "the cafe high-10". This is the first time that they've attempted to create edibles or even CBD-infused creams and oils. And hopefully, they will inspire more people like yourself to try this cannabis strain or any others like it for that matter. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to share it with your friends and leave a like and a comment. If you enjoy



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