HANDMADE - Lovingly in small batches to ensure high quality! Organic & Natural Ingredients combined with pure Essential Oils makes it the gentlest and most moisturising of all soaps. 

LAVENDER: Good for healing wounds. The soap is naturally colored with Rantanjot Root which is used in the ancient royal families of Nepal for their beauty treatment. 

ROSE: Has therapeutic properties such as anti-aging and rejuvenation. The soap is naturally colored with Annato Seed extract, which is beneficial for the skin. 

GERANIUM - Has beneficial affect on nervous tension and depression. It also helps in regeneration of skin cells resulting in more radiant skin. Dried calendula petals have been added, which has antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that might make it useful in relieving rashes and soothing eczema. 

PEPPERMINT : Gives a cooling refreshing sensation and is suitable for normal skin. The benefits of Moringa has been added to give it a natural green colour. 

TEA TREE : A natural antiseptic and suitable for acne prone skin. The benefits of Henna has been added to give it a natural brown colour. </br</br>

LEMONGRASS : A natural antiseptic and anti-persirant. It protects without drying the skin.

Flower Basket and Herbal Garden Soaps

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