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Being a social enterprise, there was a reason why Touch Nature was formed - to be a light in the darkness where all hope seems lost. What's the best model that we can follow to do that? What's the path that we can take to make a real impact in the lives of the girls we reach out to and help?

We believe that instead of just giving donations and financial aid, we need to be entrepreneurial in our thinking, so that the girls rescued may heal, grow, learn and mature in all areas of life, and thus be integrated back into our society as healthy members. A productive community is a healthy community, and teaching them life skills is an important part of our work. Our girls are eager to learn and excel in what they do, i.e., making soaps. The ingredients for each batch of our soap have been painstakingly procured, measured and processed by hand so that the best quality soap can be produced. Each order received gives them joy, knowing that people value what they do, and are willing to try out the work of their hands. And I promise you, once you try their soaps, you'll never feel comfortable with any other ^_^

Give our soaps a try, order them, test them, and experience the soap miracle that aided in bringing women and girls out of the darkness into the light.

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Touch Nature EXIM Pvt Ltd

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