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Helping single mothers and children in Nepal

Touch Nature was started in Kathmandu, Nepal to help single mothers and their children. It is one of the 5 social enterprises started by Josephine in 2001. Touch Nature has helped transformed many lives. To see more about our work in Nepal, please click on

Journey of Cochlear Impant

Alisha was born with hearing impairment due to Meningitis. When her mom, Maili was pregnant with Alisha, she contracted jaundice and her husband just abandoned them in the hospital . When Alisha was one month old. Maili started to work for Touch Nature Nepal. When we realized that Alisha could not hear, we started to explore different ways to help her gain her hearing. Eventually after two years of many consultations and with the help of many well wishers. Alisha was able to have her cochlear implant and eventually led to her ability to speak and learn. Now Alisha is studying class 8 and she is doing well in her studies. To see how did Alisha first respond to Cochlear Implant, please click on

Sponsoring children education

Touch Nature has been sponsoring children education since 2001. We have been supporting homes that shelter tribal children who are from marginalized background. Since our inception, we have sponsored more than 80 children. 

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